New Database: Discover the story of English

More than 600,000 words, over a thousand years

Ahh, so many words, so little time. Have you ever wondered what the word robot means in South Africa? Or, when the noun text message was first recorded in English?

As teachers, we understand that vocabulary acquisition and use are at the core of the work that we do.  To help teachers with vocabulary instruction (and yes, to meet Common Core standards:), your Information and Learning Center has purchased a subscription to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). Booklist states, “…the only reason for a library to not subscribe is not having Internet access.” In our case, the credit goes to Sarah Ogborn, an English teacher in our district, who recommended this resource to us.

We are excited about the possible ways that the Oxford English Dictionary can be used to help students. As you prepare your lessons, you may be interested in the following resources:

  • Oxford English Dictionary LibGuide — provides remote access instructions, quick links to resources, and basic and advance search videos
  • OED Teacher Resource Page – offers ideas for using the OED in the classroom
  • Timeline Example – cool idea, check it out
  • Quizzes – find the answers to the questions above
  • Each other — As the saying goes, sharing is caring, so if you would like to share with others how you used the OED, just let us know.
  • Kellie and Barb – don’t forget us. 🙂 We are always available to help.

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