New Databases: e-Book Academic and High School Collections

As Antioch enters its centennial year, we have cause to reflect on how things were done in the past, present and future.  Over the years, we have been able to build up our collection to over 20,000 items.  While impressive for a school our size, the real question is whether or not the collection meets our current curricular needs.

When we evaluated the collection to find the answer, we discovered that there is still a demand among teachers for non-fiction print materials that students can access from home and school. However, we also needed materials that are continually updated to the newest content.

To meet those needs in the anytime/anywhere landscape, we have purchased the e-Book Academic and High School Collections from Ebsco.  These collections offer over 140,000 eBook Titles that span all academic areas.

Now, I really like the new e-Book databases because I’m confident that students are getting the most up-to-date coverage on a particular topic.  Teachers and students will like it because now they can find enough print materials on their topic anytime/anywhere.

To learn more about these resources, check out the e-Book Libguide.



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