Build student reading

Guest post by Antioch Literacy Specialist Mary Stoeger

Want nonfiction articles your students can use to build their comprehension and understanding of content? How about informative articles to enhance your teaching, develop prior knowledge, and extend student learning? Well look no further; please say hello to Newsela. 

Newsela is easy and free to use, contains a variety of content, and connects with the Common Core! Since this site launched in the summer of 2013, I have been utilizing its resources to help both students and teachers; basically, I am addicted.

With articles categorized under topics like: War & Peace, Science, Kids, Money, Law, Health, Arts, and Sports, you are sure to find an interesting read to motivate almost any student. Each article is written at five different Lexile reading levels, which will stimulate learning without killing content. This allows for differentiation for students’ varying reading levels. Additionally, many articles come with short quizzes.

Here are some recent titles available:

  • “The falling price of oil is both good and bad”
  • “Bracing for a new civil rights movement”
  • “Lots of rest may not heal a concussion faster, study says”
  • “California to tackle water scarcity by converting seawater”

Interested? It’s easy to create a free account right now by clicking here. Yes, it is that easy and that awesome. Happy reading!


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