We’re snacking. We’re learning.

SnackandLearnFor the past month, Lakes ILC secretary Lisa Kent and I have invited students to attend Snack and Learns in the ILC on Fridays during their lunch study halls.

We started with Origami. Then we tried Team Trivia (my first time using the Mondopad!). Then we introduced students to our digital media library, Axis360. Then we did game day. Checkers, chess, Uno—that sort of thing. Next up: We’ve invited staff member of the Talon Times to present on how students can use social media to stay up-to-date with school happenings and more.

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QR Codes

In today’s digital era, teachers are always looking for ways to provide mobile learning opportunities to increase student engagement—whether it’s for the classroom, a club/activity, or sporting event.

One easy way for teachers to do that is by using QR codes. Quite simply, a QR (quick response) code is a two dimensional barcode that can be scanned by a mobile device. These codes can contain links to a website, video, image, etc.


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3D printing has arrived

Guest post by Antioch Tech Ed Teacher Jon Salaban  jon's class

Visitors to Mr. Salaban’s classroom have noticed some changes. There are some fascinating new machines buzzing along. At first glance, students wonder what it is. But, with a further look, students notice the machines are making objects. These exciting machines are able to create objects—from what appears to be nothing! The machines are 3D printers. Yes, you can create 3D objects on a computer and print them out. Futuristic? Nope. 3D printing is a reality today. Welcome to 21st century “techy tech!”  Continue reading

Breaking boundaries through video conferencing

Social Studies teacher Eric Vichnick regularly uses video conferencing in his International Relations class to offer his students the chance to interact with and learn from students in other countries. England, Ireland, Italy, Lebanon, Palestinian territories, Pakistan, Israel, Egypt, India, and the United Arab Emirates. Where haven’t Eric’s students virtually traveled?

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