Meet our new Mondopads!

Read this Q & A with Chief Technology Officer Ryan Miles to learn about the Mondopad. Both Lakes and Antioch have a Mondopad, which is great for video conferencing and many other class activities. I recently had the pleasure to trying it out for our Team Trivia Snack and Learn last Friday. Students loved it!


Question: In terms of video conferencing, what does the Mondopad allow teachers and students to do that we haven’t been able to do in the past?

Ryan: We haven’t been able to present, annotate and collaborate within a classroom and around the world with multiple meeting participants. It is a new concept that ties together these great tools into one device.

Question: What other functionality does the Mondopad have that teachers might be excited to know about?

Ryan: It has a built-in PC, so it acts just like the desktop that teachers use in the classroom today. It can access the internet and any web resource teachers are using. It also has a built-in digital whiteboard and document annotation feature that is just like our smart boards in our math, science and special education classrooms. Oh, and you can control the Mondopad with any laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Pretty cool, right?!?

Question: When will training take place?

Ryan: Expect a Snack and Learn / Lunch and Learn at both schools in the month of March.

Question: Anything else you’d like to add?

Ryan: We can integrate the Apple TV device on the Mondopad as well, and you can share your laptop screen, just like you can do in your classroom today on the classroom projectors. Bonus!

Contact Ryan Miles for more information at


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