Communicating Student Learning Through Infographics

Guest post by Antioch Literacy Specialist Mary Stoeger

carbon footprintAs educators, we are always searching for new ways our students can demonstrate their learning to us authentically. Infographics blend visual literacy and written content that students can personalize, and they allow teachers to easily differentiate student learning on a grand scale regardless of the course being taught. In order to create an infographic, students must know what information they want to display. Because students are relying more heavily on visuals than words, they must think about organization so the information they display is communicated dynamically.

Creating dynamic, yet organized, infographics requires research. Luckily, these displays can be created through a variety of methods including websites, computer software, or by hand. However, the most accessible and user-friendly resources for student use are,, and Piktochart. The next time you are looking for a way to summatively assess your students try an infographic.

Check out an Honors English teacher’s blog post on how her students navigated the process; the infographics above and below are from her students:






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