Free Database Trials: Try-It Illinois 2015

Usually, Kellie and I use the blog forum to share new ideas about technology integration, reading promotions, and research tips. Yet, sometimes information from last year is so good that it is worth re-posting with updated information.

We know that teachers are looking for ways to include more reading activities into their curriculum. What better way to look for articles than to use the state database trial that’s going on now?

Every year, vendors offer up their databases for us to use – for free – until November 30. Now, I like the service because I can evaluate these databases without constantly getting calls back from vendors. Teachers like it because they can have access to a TON of databases. As you look to differentiate your instruction, now is a great time to look for articles at different Lexile levels. Check out our Readability Levels Libguide for more information.

To gain access, just click on database trials. Feel free to share the link and our database passwords google doc with your students.

If you find a database you like, just let us know. We’ll consider purchasing it for the next school year.

Special thanks to the Secretary of State and State Librarian Jesse White and the Illinois State Library for providing this opportunity.


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