ThingLink: One image, endless possibilities

It’s no secret that the skills required to extract information from text are similar to those skills required to evaluate an image, as outlined in the Image Analysis Common Core Standards Alignment chart. But….what if we could find a way to further engage our students by creating interactive images?

The American Association of School Librarians identifies ThingLink as one of the best free media sharing sights for teachers. ThinkLink offers the ability to make an image completely interactive by embedding information (web links, photos, texts, videos, polls, maps, and social media) into the image itself.

Teachers can incorporate interactive images into their curriculum in many ways. Teachers can create a syllabus; explain how systems of the human body work; identify parts of the human cell; or share their Declaration of Independence DBQ assignment with students. Teachers can have students create a biography, report, or virtual tour.

You are only limited by your imagination. However, if you would like more ideas, check out Donna Baumbach’s 88 Ways to Use ThingLink in the Classroom slideshow.

ThinkLink is also simple to use. Just follow the instructions in the video below.

For additional, more specific tutorials, go to ThingLink’s Education Video Carousel. ThingLink also allows teachers to manage students and groups. To learn more about registering students and managing the classroom, follow the instructions in their online education tutorial.

As always, let Kellie or me know if you would like any help.


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