Try the Swivl or a GoPro to capture your lessons

The Technology Department recently purchased some equipment that’s available for teacher check-out through the Information and Learning Centers: a Swivl Robot and GoPro Heros. Teachers and staff who are required to video record themselves teaching as part of the National Board Certification process or for graduate school might especially be interested in these devices—as might anyone with a particularly adventurous or inventive spirit.

The Swivl Robot is named for how it works: it swivels. It comes with the Robot, itself, as well as two markers, which also serve as microphones. What you do is mount an iPad, iPhone, or similar iOS or Android device onto the Swivl Robot and plug in a couple of cords. The Swivl Robot follows the movement of the individual—usually the teacher—who is wearing the master marker on a lanyard around his/her neck. The other marker typically travels among the students as they offer comments or questions during the lesson. Watch this video for a better visual:

Introducing Swivl from Swivl on Vimeo.

GoPros are perhaps more common in the world of extreme sports, but they have their educational uses, too. They are small and light, and the battery seems to last forever, which is why they often are used for time lapses (for instance, a time lapse of a popular hangout spot in the school or of what it takes to build the set for a theater performance). With the right accessories, they are wearable or mountable. They also are waterproof! Lakes Adventure Education classes have used them on their trips to the Lake Geneva Canopy Tours. Check out this video footage captured by Ryan Miles, chief technology officer, with the help of a GoPro (and also a drone):

The Swivls and GoPros are available for teacher check-out in the ILCs. Come and get ’em.


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