NoodleTools works with Google to offer single sign-on

If you and your students are NoodleTools users, this post applies to you. Over the summer, we will transition to NoodleTools’s new single sign-on (SSO) authentication, meaning you and your students will be able to use your Google username and password to access the program. Currently, users have to register a unique username and password in order to use NoodleTools — information that students (and maybe even you) inevitably forget. So, this will be better. 

NoodleTools is most commonly used for developing Works Cited and Reference List pages for research assignments (but it has many other functions, too). If you already have a username through NoodleTools, you will have to follow a couple of steps as part of the transition. If you don’t already have an account, you pretty much need to do nothing except know how to access NoodleTools.

How do I access NoodleTools?

There are two ways:

1. When you are already logged into Google, use the Google Apps menu to navigate to the NoodleTools button, as pictured below. (You won’t see this button until after the switch over the summer.)


2. Visit your Information and Learning Center (ILC) website to access the direct link. You will have to use this option if you’re using an iPad or other mobile device.

I already have an account. What do I do?

If you already have an account and want to save your past projects, you will need to link your old account to the new one. The first time you login through Google Apps, an intermediate screen will pop up providing you the option to link the two accounts. It will look like the snapshot below. All you need to know is your old username and password.


If you don’t care about your old projects, then you can create a new account when prompted.

Again, the transition will happen over the summer. We simply wanted to give you a head’s up now, but we will remind you again in the fall. If you have questions or would like more information about how you can use NoodleTools with your students for their research assignments, please contact Barb ( or me (


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