Britannica School is more than an online encyclopedia. See for yourself during our free trial.

Barb and I have been in the market for a new encyclopedia database since, oh, last year. We like to make sure we’re getting you the best stuff. Keith West suggested Britannica School—a product of Encyclopedia Britannica—after he learned from a colleague in his grad school class that it offered diverse content at varied reading levels appropriate for his special education students. It offers that and much more.  Continue reading


Gale databases offer new functionality

Gale recently made research easier for students. They partnered with Google! Now, users have the ability to send articles directly to Google Drive or to Google Classroom. This partnership is exciting because we subscribe to seven Gale databasesContinue reading

Free Database Trials: Try-It Illinois 2015

Usually, Kellie and I use the blog forum to share new ideas about technology integration, reading promotions, and research tips. Yet, sometimes information from last year is so good that it is worth re-posting with updated information.

We know that teachers are looking for ways to include more reading activities into their curriculum. What better way to look for articles than to use the state database trial that’s going on now? Continue reading

New Databases: e-Book Academic and High School Collections

As Antioch enters its centennial year, we have cause to reflect on how things were done in the past, present and future.  Over the years, we have been able to build up our collection to over 20,000 items.  While impressive for a school our size, the real question is whether or not the collection meets our current curricular needs.

Continue reading

New database: ERIC


A couple of years ago, I received an email from Jim McKay to locate some education articles for an upcoming meeting he was having—in two hours!!  Of course, I promptly stopped what I was doing to locate his articles. I thought to myself, how hard could it be??  I knew that our student databases wouldn’t provide the articles he needed.  Yet, I also knew I had the ERIC database up my sleeve.  As I started to search, I discovered I could not have been more wrong…. Continue reading

New database: Biography Reference Center


Do you remember where you were when Elvis died? (Yes, I believe I am dating myself.) I was returning to the family farm from an evening out roller skating with friends. When the news came over the radio, everyone in the car was silent. We didn’t know what to say…

Fast forward to 2014, in which the names may be different, but certainly there are notable personalities that have had an impact on us. As we work on our curriculum, biographies are one way we can easily incorporate non-fiction, informational text. Continue reading